Some art pieces of the following artists were treated and/or restored (images not available due to privacy concern):

Ione Saldanha
Lygia Pape
Franz Kracjberg
Ivan Serpa
Daniel Senise
El Grego
Carlos Scliar

Some other treated art pieces are located at:

Welsh Museum, Wales
Edward James Foundation, England
Imperial Museum, Brazil
Metropolitan Museum of Arts, USA
Brooklin Museum, USA

Some work samples:

Regency window seat, broken arm consolidation
"Mineirinhas" chairs, caning
Replica of a twin facade house, mortar, listed building
Oriental object d'art, ivory
Our Lady Icon, polychrome, terracota
São Conrado Icon, polychrome, wood

Child Jesus, polychrome wood

Louis XV pier table, gilt wood, carving
Marrocan stool, marquetry
640m2 of parquet flooring and marquetry
Andrea Del Sarto: Oil on wood panel, unnamed, undated, Madona and Child figures, attributed to Andrea Del Sarto School, circa 1500 A.D.
Neoclassic table: main material: mahogany, Tanganica Frisée, Pau Marfim (?), fan central motif. Circa 1900 A.D. New central expansible pieces made upon owner request.